Modeling and Rendering Architecture from Photographs

Paul Debevec Camillo Taylor Jitendra Malik
Computer Science Division
University of California at Berkeley


In this work we present a new method of modeling and rendering architecture photorealistically from a small number of photographs. The work consists of:

Is Façade available?

Façade itself remains an unreleased research prototype, but much of its functionality is now available in commercial products. Façade was a source of inspiration for MetaCreations' product Canoma written by Robert Seidl and Tilman Reinhardt. In August 2000 Adobe Systems acquired Canoma and may integrate the technology into a new project to be released at a future date. Along with computer vision research led by Olivier Faugeras at INRIA, Façade was also a source of inspiration for RealViz's ImageModeler image-based modeling and rendering package, recently acquired by Autodesk. Other related software was surveyed in November 20, 2000 article (click here) by Terrence Masson on VFXPro.com. Façade was also the basis for the virtual cinematography technology used at MANEX Visual Effects and ESC Entertainment for films such as The Matrix, Mission Impossible II, and The Matrix sequels.


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