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GL Research and Light Stage scanning techniques profiled on Mahalo Daily Episode #203, September 2008.

3D display and recent face scanning work profiled in The Digital Eye: Paul Debevec by Peter Plantec in VFXWorld, May 2008

Light Stage 6 Cover Story Animation Uses Old Physics to New Effect
by Toni Feder in Physics Today, November 2007.

SIGGRAPH 2007: Animator Anticipation! Tour SIGGRAPH 2007 Computer Animation Festival, with Chair, Paul Debevec by Dee-Marie on Renderosity, July 2007

Use of Light Stage 2 and 3 to capture actor reflectance properties for the film Spider Man 3 included on the site, April 19, 2007.

Light Stage 2 and reflectance field rendering in described in "Servers, Spydercams and 'Spider-Man 2'" by Catherine Feeny in VFX Pro, Jul 9, 2004

"Demo: Light Stage 2" by Gregory T. Huang in Technology Review, Vol. 107, No. 2, February 2004

"Graphics: The Campanile Movie" featured in the UC Berkeley Computer Science Department 30th Anniversary Brochure, February 2004.

"Visions: Paul Debevec on Illuminating Effects" by Debra Kaufman in Film and Video Magazine, February 2004, p. 56. Available here on

"Innovative Voices: Debevec" by Sheigh Crabtree in The Hollywood Reporter, November 2002 72nd anniversary issue on Innovation in Hollywood, p. 22.

"Key Frames: Fiat Lux" by Mark Ramshaw in 3D World Magazine February 2002, vol. 26.

"Looking Back: The Campanile Movie" by Mark Ramshaw in 3D World Magazine February 2002, vol. 24.

Light Stage 3 appeared in the Nov. 15, 2001 New York Times.

Light Stage 2 and Image-Based Lighting appeared on "The Human Edge" television show, National Geographic Channel, Oct. 27th, 2001.

HDR Shop release covered in American Cinematographer, Nov 2001.

Light Stage 2 and Light Stage 3 described in "Researchers create three-dimensional human face" by Steven Jones in USC's Daily Trojan, September 9, 2001.

"True to light: 'LEDs! Camera! Action!'" by Catherine Zandonella in NewScientist magazine describes the Light Stage 3 premiere at SIGGRAPH 2001 in Los Angeles, August 25, 2001, p. 21.

The Campanile Movie, Fiat Lux, and bullet-time shots in "The Matrix" featured on Debevec Tech TV interview with Patrick Norton, July 18, 2001.

Quotes on Global Illumination in "Movie Magic Works Wonders in Science" by Gareth Cook in the Boston Globe, June 2, 2001, p. 1.

HDRI and image-based lighting discussed in "Painting With Virtual Light: Digital Lighting Artists explain how cinematographer's methods are adapted for the computerized canvas." by Stephanie Argy in American Cinematographer, March 2001, p. 80-89.

The Campanile Movie's contributions to The Matrix's virtual cinematography discussed in Honoring the Brainiacs: The Sci-Tech Awards in the Digital Age by Ellen Wolff in Millimeter Magazine, February 2001, p. 22-25.
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"Manex Shines in 'The Matrix'" in SoftImage Magazine, August 1999 describes use of The Campanile Movie's techniques in creating the "bullet-time" shots in The Matrix.

The Campanile Movie, Fiat Lux, and interview featured in RealViz's ImageModeler 2.0 video shown at Alias|Wavefront's 3December worldwide event, Dec 3, 2000.

"Paul Debevec and the Art of Photogrammetry" by Terrence Masson in, November 20, 2000. (local cache)

Real-time image-based lighting, Light Stage 2.0, and virtual cinemtography work covered by Susan Hirasuna on KTTV channel 11's Fox News at 10 segment, November 12, 2000.

Light Stage 2.0 and virtual cinemtography work on KTLA channel 5's Kurt the CyberGuy, October 6-7, 2000.

"The Wizard of Ahhhs: Paul Debevec and USC's Institute for Creative Technologies..." in The Zone News, November 2000, p. 83-84.

Description of early work at ICT in "ICT Dedicates Headquarters..." in the USC Chronicle, October 2, 2000, p. 1.

Rouen Revisited described in "Taming Technology" by Meridith Levinson in CIO Magazine, October 1, 2000.

Mike Fink, David Prescott and Sean Cunningham's use of image-based lighting described in "The VFX of X-Men" by Stephanie Argy in VFXPro, Aug 25, 2000.

Sean Cunningham's adaptation of Image-Based Lighting techniques at Digital Domain for Senator Kelly's death sequence in the Summer 2000 movie X-Men described in:

"X-Men Undergoes a CG Transformation" by Debra Kaufman in Computer Graphics World, August 2000, p. 30.

Image-based lighting and the Light Stage described in "Synthespians Set to Invade SIGGRAPH 2000" by Sheigh Crabtree in VFXPro, Jul 21, 2000.

Q&A: Paul Debevec by Debra Kaufman in The Hollywood Reporter, SIGGRAPH 2000 Edition, July 21-23, 2000, p. S-10. TECHtalk by Paula Parisi in The Hollywood Reporter, June 2-4, 2000, p. 10.

"Paul Debevec: Fiat Lux" in Heads Above the Rest: Big Kahuna 2000 by Mike Kobrin in 3D Magazine, June 2000, p. 22.

Television interview in Japanese video documentary "Computer Graphics - A Fascinating Journey", describing The Campanile Movie, Rendering with Natural Light, and Fiat Lux, May 2000. © 2000 Toppan Printing Co., Ltd.

"Debevec Brings CG to ICT" by Chris Runquist in Design in Motion, May 22, 2000.

"F/x Wizard Debevec joins USC" by Ann Donahue in Daily Variety, May 18, 2000, p. 2.

"Debevec to Join USC's Technology Center" by Karen Kaplan in the Los Angeles Times, May 15, 2000.

"Army wants to harness power of the Matrix" on by Dan Verton and Dan Caterinicchia, May 2, 2000. Reprinted from "Army Enlists Tinseltown" in Federal Computer Week.

"SIGGRAPH 99, or why a Conservator should attend a Graphics Conference"
in Victoria and Albert Museum Conservation Journal, Spring 2000. Article by Athanasios Velios.

Software, Anyone? in Digital Media Net's column "All Over The Page" mentions incorporation of High Dynamic Range Imagery and Image-Based Lighting into NewTek's product LightWave3D 6.0.

"Fresh for the Millennium: The I.D. Forty: Forty Designers under Thirty" in International Design Magazine, Jan/Feb 2000. Article by Tom Vanderbilt.

Dennis Gauthier's use of image-based lighting techniques in "Viewpoint and a52 Build Toyota Tundra" by Joe Fordham in VFXPro, Jan 25, 2000.

"Front-Line Researchers Create Next Generation CG: Computer Graphics of the 21st Century is Here" in Nikkei Computer Graphics Magazine, edited by Ken Anjyo, January 2000. Featured article "Pursuing Realism with Image-Based Modeling, Rendering, and Lighting" by Paul Debevec. (in Japanese)

"Image-Based Modeling and Lighting" by Paul Debevec in ACM's "Computer Graphics" Magazine, volume 33, number 4, November 1999.

"Let There Be Light" in NewScientist Magazine by Catherine Zandonella, October 30, 1999. Detailed article describes image-based lighting techniques in Fiat Lux.

Interview on Polish Television show "Computerolia Magna Kina" by Kinga Debska about Fiat Lux.

High Dynamic Range Photography discussed in "Research Begins on Better Digital Cameras" by Nadine Dabby in the Daily Californian, Wednesday, October 20, 1999.

Animation World Magazine, "SIGGRAPH '99:Where's the Rest of the Zoo?" Issue 4.6, September 1999, by Jennifer A. Champagne

The Campanile Movie's contributions to the virtual set techniques in the movie The Matrix described in "Jacking into the Matrix" by Kevin H. Martin, Cinefex #79, October 1999.

Fiat Lux featured in the documentary "The Story of Computer Graphics" directed by Frank Foster. Premiered at SIGGRAPH 99.

Fiat Lux described in New York Times article on SIGGRAPH 99 "Easier than Crayons: Graphics Grows Up" by J.C. Herz.

Fiat Lux discussed in "Interview with Paul Debevec" by Frankie Kowlawski on, August 10, 1999.

Fiat Lux on cover of ACM's "Computer Graphics", Volume 33, number 3, August 1999; described in the article "About the Cover" by Paul Debevec (Karen Sullivan, ed.)

Fiat Lux described in "FX Series: SIGGRAPH" by Paula Parisi in The Hollywood Reporter, August 10-16, 1999.

Fiat Lux described in Animation World Magazine, "I Screen, You Screen, We All Screen Animation at SIGGRAPH 99" Issue 4.5, August 1999, by Kellie-Bea Cooper

"The Story of Computer Graphics" described in Animation World Magazine, "The Story of Computer Graphics Set to Open SIGGRAPH" Issue 4.5, August 1999, by Maureen Furniss

Television interview on Chine Lanzmann's "Cyberculture: SIGGRAPH 1998", for French television station Canal +, September 1998, with clips from The Campanile Movie and Rendering with Natural Light

The Campanile Movie and Facade featured in Computer Graphics World Magazine, "Every Picture Tells a Story", October 1998, by Randall Warniers.

Image-based work, Chevette Project, and various quotes in SIGGRAPH 98 "Fresh Feature" "Rendering Adds Radiance to Everyday Life" by Danialle Weaver.

Rendering with Natural Light included in Animation World Magazine's "The Best of the Fest: A Sampling of Films from the SIGGRAPH `98 Computer Animation Festival", by Wendy Jackson.

Facade discussed and various quotes featured in IEEE Computer, July 1998, "The Convergence of Graphics and Vision" by Jed Lengyel. (local copy).

The Campanile Movie, Facade, and Rouen Revisited on the cover of 1998 UC Berkeley EECS/ERL Research Summary

Ms. Keiko Kubo, Dr. Oumura Koichi, and a small prop demonstrating Facade's technique

The Campanile Movie and Facade featured on television show "Science", Osaka, Japan, October 1998.

The Campanile Movie and Facade described in "Program Creates Virtual Images" by Lisa Nishimoto in the Daily Californian, February 19, 1998, p. 1.

"Hollywood 2.0: 25 New Players who are Reinventing Entertainment"
Rendering Reality, Bit by Bit by David Pescovitz in WIRED Magazine, November 1997

The Campanile Movie and Facade described in "The Films of SIGGRAPH 97: A Coming of Age" by Avi Hoffer in Animation World Magazine, September 1997.

Feature story and interview about The Campanile Movie on BAY-TV by Mary Duann, May 28, 1997.

The Campanile Movie and Facade described in "Putting More Reality into Virtual Reality" by David Pescovitz in The Los Angeles Times, May 12, 1997

Facade described in Forefront, UCB Engineering Research Magazine, 1997

Virtual reconstruction of University High School profiled in AlumUni, the University High School Alumni Newsletter, Graduation 1996

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