Campanile Movie Timeline

This page chronicles the events and milestones of creating the Jury Submission of the Campanile movie, February through April 1997, and includes information on the creation of the final version.

Name Abbreviations

PD   Paul Debevec       JD   Jeff Davis        PB   Peter Bosselman
GB   George Borshukov   JL   Jason Luros       MN   Michael Naimark
YY   Yizhou Yu          CW   Chris Wright      AV   Al Vera
CB   Cris Benton        SM   Susan Marquez     AG   Al Gunston
EP   Eric Paulos        PP   Peter Pletcher    VJ   Vivian Jiang
SK   Sami Khoury        TH   Tim Hawkins       DP   Dorrice Pyle
LK   Lindsay Krisel     JM   Jitendra Malik    CY   Charles Ying
OC   Oliver Crow        LB   Linda Branagan

When Who       What
---- ---       ----

2/13 CB/PD/EP  CB lab visit

2/17 CB/PD     Test kite flight over PSR Quad

2/24 PD/CB/JD  Campanile Walk-up, took some test photos in trinocular

2/27 PD        Project announced to CS184 class

2/28 PD/JL/VJ  VJ and JL join project to help create models
     PD        PD visit to Interval Research Corporation for production advice

3/02 PD/EP     Tested Range on MicroVideo Transmitter - worked at 525 feet
     PD/CW     CW joins project for video editing, possible animation
     PD        Production homepage created

3/04 PD        PD visits ILM, gets advice on interlacing

3/05 GB/YY     Texture mapping demos, RE2 upgrade to 16MB texture cache

3/06 PD        Campanile shot planning w/ laser range finder
     PD/GB     VDTM extrapolation method discussed
     PD        Contacted SM at DOFM for Campanile plans

3/07 PD        Contacted Microvideo and Falcon re: equipment

3/08 PD        First campus aerial photo provided by Al Vera of DOFM

3/11 PD/JL     Tried creating user accounts for 184 folks, problems
     PD        Met with SK

3/12 PD/JL     Create user accounts for JL, bypassing mount difficulties
     CB        Drops off KAP negatives to PD
     PD/CB/PB  Demo for Peter Bosselman, with assistance from GB and YY
     PD        Followed up with SM re: Campanile plans
     PD        Scans selected CB KAP images

3/13 PD/SK     Met with SK to set up accounts, discuss camera moves
     PD/PB     PD drops by Wurster to PB's lab for temp. Campanile model
     PD/PB     PB announces he could lend a 16mm arriflex camera to project

3/14 PD        Demo for SF Examiner science writer Keay Davidson
     PD        First screen tests with model taken on Hi8 near Esplanade
     PD        Mounting problem resolved; project accounts now working
     PD/MN     PD gets info from Michael Naimark re: standard
                 cinematic focal lengths, 16mm film transfer
     PD/SM     SM drops off complete Campanile plans and campus map to PD,
                 receives demo
     PD/AV     Complete aerial photograph set FTP'ed from DOFM

3/15 PD/CH     Discussed video deinterlacing algorithms
     PD        Began geometric calibration of film scanner
     PD/EP     Tested video digitizer in Authoring room
     PD/GB     Disscussion of 3rd generation VDTM algorithm

3/16 PD/SK     Meeting to discuss camera match move and keyframing method
     PD        Rescanned calibration shots with Nikon scanner

3/17 PD/TH/JD  Model test shoot at Campanile
     PD        Ascertained Campanile location to be N 37.52.172', W122.15.545'
		 using Garmin GPS unit (like that helps anything)
     PD/GB/YY  Mental Storyboard planned with 6 fades, no knockover
     PD        Environment modeling begun from aerial photographs, six
                 buildings completed
     GB/YY     New coordinate system for VDTM algorithm

3/18 PD/CW     Flesh out video requirements for project
     PD        Obtained quote on VX1000 camcorder from B&H
     PD/AV     PD visit to DOFM, original photos may be available
     PD/SM     Discuss plot and story

3/19 PD/SK     Meeting to determine match-move milestones
     PD        Placed order for MicroVideo equipment
     GB        Demonstrates multisample buffering following SGI suggestion
     PD/VJ/JL  Meeting to discuss computer Campanile model
     PD/CB     Discussion re: kite scheduling
     PD        Mailed LB for advice on ET submission
     PD/CW     Tested digitizing, fades, titles in Premier
     PD/AG     Placed order for network services for camaro.cs

3/20 PD/JL     More Campanile modeling discussion
     PD        Placed order for Microvideo devices
     PD/CB     Neg pickup and kite shot planning
     PD        Radial distortion calibration for 24mm lens

3/21 PD/JD     Got information on extended Campanile hours
     PD        Bought supplies at Fry's electronics

3/23 PD/CW     O2 hauled into graphics lab, began set up
     PD/CW     Outdoor shot planning, video compression tests

3/24 PD        Ordered Steadycam Jr. &c from Adorama
     PD        Spoke with LB for submission advice
     PD        Began setting up camaro.cs on network, requested network
     PD        Checked on Microvideo Equip.

3/25 PD        Picked up HJW photos from John Hickey
     PD/VJ     Planned improvement to Campanile upper deck, chose
		 units for computer model ( 1 inch = 0.001 )
     VJ        Roughed out new Campanile upper deck
     PD        Finished networking O2, still waiting on network
     PD        Rescanned four HJW aerial photos w/ fiducials
     PD        lux set up, masquerading as indian

3/26           VX1000, Microvideo equipment arrives
     PD        Figures out how to work VX1000
     PD/CB     Play around with Microvideo equipment, transmitter problems
     PD/CB     Calibrate Microvideo camera field of view (70x50deg)
     PD/CB     Attempted ground kite run
     SK        Spatial spline code nearly working
     PD        some test footage taken ground level at Campanile
     CB        Designs kite mount for Microvideo transmitter/camera
     PD/CB     Discuss ground shots and relevance to story

3/27 PD        Supplier for wide-angle attachment for VX1000 located
     PD        Rectification of HJW aerial shots
     PD        Calibration shots taken for 15mm lens
     PD        Ground-level 200mm shots taken all around Campanile ~12:30pm
     CB        Calculates sun position change for 12:23-12:48pm
     PD        Ledge stills taken on upper deck of Campanile
     CB        Successful kite launch and flight from upper deck of Campanile
		 wind too weak for camera rig
     PD        Rehearsal of upper deck scene w/ model on VX1000

3/28 PD        Supply acquisition: film & batteries at Costco
		 Wide angle attachments at Gasser's in SF
		 Got info on DPS Spark Digital Video Card
     PD        Dropped off film at Sarber's
     PD        Picked up film from Sarber's

3/29 SK/PD     Continued discussions on flight path; position working        
     PD        Conversion of intrinsic data for HJW shots

3/30 PD/CB     Kite flight over Campanile, windy + Cloudy
     PD        Environment map built up to 16 buildings
     PD        Calibration shots taken for VX1000 with Sony and Kenko
     PD        Demo of environment model
     JL        Worked on lower Campanile model

3/31 PD        Dropped off film at Sarber's
     PD        Environment up to 21 buildings, five photos
     CW/PD     Digitized camcorder calibration shots, 3/27 ledge test movie
     JL        Continued work on Campanile model        
     PD/YY     Attempted Terrain modeling, Facade problem encountered
     YY        Runs visibility algorithm on aerial environment - works!
     GB        Runs VDTM algorithm on aerial environment - works!
     GB        Gets texture mapping working with 1K x 1K textures
     PD/GB/YY  Discuss method of rendering Campanile and Environment

4/01 PD        Picks up film from Sarber's
     GB/PD     Selection of shots for Campanile texture model
     YY/PD     Selection of kite shots for environment model
     PD        Scans selected 24mm images from Kite run - scanner
		 anomaly noticed, experimented with scanning settings
     JL/PD     Planned photogrammetric extraction method for bottom
		 deck of Campanile
     PD        Created frustum-with-hole block
     CB        Locates model builder candidate Dorrice Jane Pyle

4/02 CB/PD     Review of KAP photographs
     CB/PD/DP  Discussion of model building - textures to be delivered on
		 Friday; Model to be done on Wednesday
     GB        Worked on terrain mapping functionality in Facade
     SK/CW     Discussed match-moves and flight path issues
     CW        Set up Steadycam Jr.
     VJ/JL/PD  Continued work on modeling Campanile, now with
		 frustumhole block allowing (hopefully) for fully
		 photogrammetric model
     PD        Continued work on calibrating kite pictures from Nikon scanner
     YY        Created 1st terrain from Triangulation of building bottoms
     GB        Created 1st terrain / environment / Campanile renderings

4/03 PD        Picked up missing HJW photo 3-6 from John Dickey
     PD        Wrote rectified undistortion code
     CW        Practiced shooting Campanile twirls with Steadycam
     JL        Continues work on lower level
     CB/EP     Try to find problem with transmitter - discover it's
		 has some sort of problems
     GB        Wrote point location code, wrote first version of UI

4/04 DP        Picks up additional plans and photos
                 Model work begun

4/05 DP/PD     Discuss possibility of painted model rather than photo
     SK        Position splining done; rotation splining begins
     JL/PD     Photogrammetric bottom level begun
     PD        Refinements to Environment model
     CW/PD     Discuss filming possibilities and technique
     CW/PD     Discuss possibilities for introductory documentary
     PD        Calibrates 24mm lens intrinsics > with Facade <

4/06 CB        Cloudy: Attempts taking Kite shots of the environment
		 wind too weak
     PD        Takes environment shots from upper deck of tower, not enough
		 time to visit the lantern
     PD        Measures bricks at base of Campanile
     PD        Drops off additional photos, plans, and measurements to DP;
		 discusses model issues
     CB        Authors first version of Sather Tower project page  

4/07 PD        Drops film off at Sarber's; picks up negatives
     PD        Undistorts remaining scanned 24mm photos
     PD        Begins and finishes 200mm calibration
     PD        Develops method of merging two facade projects, crucial
		 for bringing together VJ and JL's models
     GB        Works on incorporating camera paths into renderer
     SK/PD     Continued discussions on rotation splining
     PD        Finds formula for quaternion <=> angle/axis
     PD/GB     Discuss which environment shots to use, color correction,
		 tree modeling, hole filling

4/08 PD        Scans in 4 15mm environment shots
     PD/YY/GB  Discuss possibilities for hole filling, tree creation
     PD        Does distortion calibration on VX1000 w/ Sony 0.7 converter
     PD        Begins intrinsic calibration on VX1000
     CW/PD     Discuss shooting schedules
     GB        Adds in celestial sphere sky model
     JL        Continues work on lower deck
     SK        Begins slerp work
     PD        Scans in 15mm calibration shots
     PD        Discusses 15mm calibration possibilities with Phil
     DP        Model pieces cut, painting beginning, possibly done Thurs pm

4/09 PD        Does traditional undistortion on 15mm lens, not quite perfect
     PD        Scans in Cory Courtyard pictures for 15mm calibration based
		 on points seen under pure rotation; recodes distortion
		 solver for sin a/2 projection
     SK        Finishes slerp code, w/PD creates first virtual flightpath
		 through model, to be handed off to GB
     PD        Hands off undistorted photos of Campanile to VJ, explains
		 block creation
     VJ        Continues work on upper deck w/new photos
     YY        Toils on object-space hole-filling algorithm
4/10 PD/GB     Discuss far-range environment mapping, hole filling
     PD/DP     Visit to check on physical model, a few horizontal
                 adjustments necessary
     VJ        Continues upper part of Campanile; nearly done
     JL/PD     Bottom section of Campanile model nearly complete,
                 entirely photogrammetric
     CB/JD     Discuss music use for the piece
     PD        Continues undistortion work - unhappy with asin.  Considers
                 reshooting calibration grid using Elan II
     GB        Adds interlacing, movie output options to renderer
     GB        First Campanile flight w/ Environment rendered, played back
                 in real time from RAM.  Kicks.
     PD        Adds simple camera, project single block, simple deinterlace,
                 next/prev portal commands to Facade

4/11 PD/LK     Discuss and develop storyboard, live-action shots
     PD/SK/GB  Review flightpath, identify keyframe rotation anomaly
     DP/RB     Finishes the model, making horizontal width adjustments
     DP        Delivers model to Soda Hall
     YY/GB     Develop new hole-filling algorithm
     CW/PD     Prototype documentary with reasonably random screen recordings
     PD/GB/YY  Transfer first flight to video, in both interlaced and
        CW/SK    non-interlaced formats.  Continues to kick.
     PD/SK/TH  Derive Catmull-Rom spline method for rotation group

4/12 PD/CW/TH  Shoot all five live action shots under mostly cloudy
                 conditions from 10am to 6pm.
     PD        Shoots environment panorama from Campanile lantern, made
                 possible by TH

4/13 PD        Drops off film from 4/12 at Sarber's
     PD        Meeting to update on project, pick up film
     PD/GB     Selection of Environment map shots (24mm shots chosen),
                 development of environment mapping method
     JL        Finishes Campanile lower deck model
     PD        Scans environment shots
     PD        Copies DV tape w/time stamps to SVHS
     GB        Adds TIFF output functionality to renderer
     GB/PD     Line up North environment shots to campus model, reconstructing
		 Haviland Hall - wonderfully consistent alignment achieved

4/14 PD        Calls EP, invites to Berkeley for Thursday afternoon
     PD        Calls LB, invites to Berkeley for Thursday evening
     SK        Codes Catmull-Rom orientation splining
     GB        Registers North images with environment
     GB        Improves Evans Hall model
     PD/CW/    Selection of live-action shots to use in the movie
     CW        Digitizes the live action
     PD/CW     Choose match sequences, CW transfers as TIF sequence
     PD        Deinterlaces and undistorts the match sequences
     PD        Adds Copy Correspondences feature for match-move generation
     PD        Reviews and adjusts lower Campanile model
     CW        Begins piecing together first few cuts of live actions
     PD/JL     Go over upper tier Campanile model; discover Facade bug with
		 lines that go behind image plane
     PD        Merges upper and lower Campanile models
     GB        Finishes aligning environment shots to environment model;
		 excellent alignment
     GB        Runs visibility and renders environment model, still lacking
		 trees and infinite terrain.
     EP        Arranges visit by "Wired" writer for Friday

4/15 VJ        Makes fixes to Campanile upper deck, adds some new images
     PD        Does Taxes
     SK/PD     Work on debugging rotation splining, math still funny
     JL        Completes gamma shot match-move key frames
     YY        Redoes visibility algorithm for better hole filling
     YY/GB     Work on debugging visibility algorithm
     PD/GB     Add more buildings to campus model, including Tan Hall not
		 yet built when aerials were taken
     PD/GB/JL  Somehow manage not to totally freak out when alberti crashes
		 violently at 1:30am and refuses to boot, seemingly taking
		 the 9gig drive with it.  PD manages to boot w/o drive and
		 mount the disk after multiple fsck's.  Essential files that
		 were on alberti, such as the Campanile model, are immediately
		 copied to other disks, key non-project material is backed
		 up to tape.

4/16 PD        Adds new reconstruction options, resets constants to allow
		 for especially large models
     JL        Completes deltaIn match-move
     GB        Finishes modeling the Campanile environment
     PD        Adds rest of images to Campanile model, adds embellishments
     PD/GB     Devise method of combining Campanile and Environment at
		 correct scale using photogrammetric measurements

4/17 PD/CW     Ellen Perry visits to provide advice for film, suggests
	       cut-in on intro shot, emphasizes need for well-done music,
	       Provides suggestions for an interview-style documentary.
     PD/CW     Meet with LB, get many good suggestions for
		 CAF submission
     GB/YY     Render environment model with hills
     PD        Adds various support in Facade for flightpath generation

4/18 PD        Interview with reporter David Pescovitz for possible
		 LA Times article
     JL/PD     Format and mount 4gig drive on camaro.cs
     JL        Completes first version of match moves
     GB/YY     Environment model and visibility refinements
     PD/CW/GB  Choreograph the two flight paths using physical model
       JL        Decision: gamma-delta to be pastoral, delta-epsilon
                 to require change of pants

4/19 PD/CW     Implement and match-move gamma-delta flight path
     YY        Completely redoes visibility, all in object space, and
                 fills the holes
     GB        Improves renderer
     GB/PD     Add subtle synthetic lighting to Campanile model to match
                 asymmetrical lighting in environment shots.
     GB        Renders first full gamma-delta flight path
     PD/CW     Discuss documentary

4/20 PD/GB/CW  Demo for Professor Jitendra Malik.  PD no longer worried
        JL/JM    about getting reimbursed for the project.  JM: "OK,
                 which of this is real and what is the computer?".  GB:
                 "This is all the computer."
     CB/CW/PD  Demo for Professor Chris Benton and son Charlie.  "This
                 is cool!"  PD asks if CB can get carillon recordings
                 from JD for tomorrow.
     PD        Plans documentary
     GB        Fixes triangulation problem with environment horizon

4/21 PD/SK     Final changes to Flightpath code - invent Campanile-centric
		 coordinate mapping, which eliminates wobble from first
		 shot but ruins the final downward-looking flyover in the
		 second shot; hybrid method implemented but fails to
		 be seamless
     CB        Picks up two CDs of bell tower music from music library,
		 delivers to Soda Hall, participates in auditioning tracks
     PD        Adds a couple features to Facade for auto-rotate for
		 producing documentary footage
     PD        800pm begin scripting documentary
     PD/CW     Record documentary narration
     GB        Rewrites sky rendering method to texture map original sky
		 where available
     CW        Redoes both flight paths
     PD/GB/CW  Record some documentary footage off of artemis
     GB/PD/CW  500am begin renderings on artemis (video)
     CW        Selects and sequences audio and video clips for documentary,
		 begins to assemble it
     PD/CW/CY  Select music track for jury version and digitize it 
     PD        Records match-move and flight path screen shots for
     PD        Creates montages of environment and tower images for
     CW        9am first sequence finishes rendering, transfers over
     CY        Creates titles and credits in Photoshop, using scan of
		 Campanile arches
               10am-5pm Incredible amount of work done, little documented

4/22 PD        505pm - Drops off UPS copy at Mining Circle # 1269777946
     GB        600pm - Drives Fedex copy to Emeryville  # 0842 7909 073
     PD        730pm - At home, discovers bad audio on VHS copy
     PD        900pm - Leaves for University of Washington

4/23 PD        900am - At UW, checks audio on SHVS copy, which is bad too
     PD        924am - Mails everyone back at Berkeley about sound
     AG/CY/CW  200pm - Send repaired video via courier to Jury in Los Angeles
     PD        300pm - Gives facade talk to UW audience of approx 50 people,
		 premiers the tape at end of talk (using emergency backup off
		 of Hi8 camcorder), to wild applause.
               6:27pm PDT repaired video arrives in LA
	       6:00pm PST (=7:00pm PDT) Computer Animation Festival Deadline

Post-Submission Events

4/25 PD        Screening at Microsoft Research for Jim Blinn, Jim Kajiya,
                 Rick Szeliski, Hugues Hoppe, Andrew Glassner, Michael Cohen

4/28 PD/GB/YY  Screening of jury submission for JM

5/12           Los Angeles Times article runs, "Putting more Reality into
                 Virtual Reality"
               Screening at Interval Research Corporation

5/20           Interview and Demos for BAY-TV with reporter Mary Duann

5/22           Notification of acceptance to ET and CAF received from
                 Judith Crow of Digital Domain

5/28           BAY-TV segment airs

6/18           Final version of ET and CAF versions completed and sent to
                 the CAF committee.  The final version included the following
                 additions and improvements:

     PD/CY/OC    All-digital production using newly available DPS Spark
        PP         card for digital connection to VX1000, connected to
                   BMRC Pentium due to Pentium Pro Compatibility issues
     CY/GB       Color corrections applied to the photographs
     PD          repair of the "Hayward fault" - small gap in panorama
                   running through the football stadium
     GB          faster rendering algorithms
     PD          re-animated flight paths with improved interpolation
     PD/TH       new timing on flight paths to better match musical cues
     PD          improved match-moves
     PD          some color balance morphing done between video and renderings
     PD/CY/TH    new digital voiceover for the documentary
     CY          digitally remastered and re-edited documentary
     PD/TH       12 seconds deleted from introductory sequence, with reshot
                   alpha sequence that shows the real Campanile at the
     PD/TH       Spliced audio to sync with 12-second gap
     PD/TH/CY    New prolog for ET version to replace the documentary and
                   thus cut to three minutes.  The Campanile bell was
                   recorded digitally, and used to sync with four screens
                   of text to introduce the feature.
     PD/GB       Epilog added - showing the Tower and Environment
                   photographs, then recovered 3D model rotating with
                   a pull-back, and a wipe to the fully rendered model
     PD/TH       Spliced version of second movement of carillon piece to
                   sync with epilog
     PD          New credit sequence
6/23 PD        Resubmission of final version with repaired audio track,
                 necessary due to asinine audio resampling algorithm in
                 Adobe Premier 3.0

7/14 PD        Extended credits for video version completed

8/01 GB/YY/PD  Realtime demo (22fps) completed, presumed to run
                 at 60fps on InfiniteReality

8/02 PD        Delivers realtime demo to SGI

8/04           SIGGRAPH'97 Electronic Theatre Premier

8/05           Realtime demo begins showing in SGI booth - 60fps works!

     PD/GB/YY  Attend SIGGRAPH'97 Electronic Theatre

8/08 JM/PD     Documentary shown during image-based rendering panel
               Live demo shown during InfiniteReality paper

Other Venues

May '97        LA Times article "Putting More Reality into Virtual Reality"
               BAY-TV News segment 5/28

Aug '97        SIGGRAPH'97 Electronic Theatre, Los Angeles Shrine

Sep '97        Mentioned in Animation World Magazine,
		 "The Films of SIGGRAPH `97: A Coming of Age" by Avi Hoffer
               Excerpt featured on Chine Lanzmann show on Canal + TV, France
               Featured in Disney's "Best of the Electronic Theatre"

Oct '97        Shown at "Digital Images Show", Premio Immagine '97, Milan
               Shown on NHK HDTV channel, Japan
               Shown on "Metropolis" show, TVE, Spanish National Television
               Featured in "Hollywood 2.0" article in Nov. Wired magazine

Nov '97        Wins Industry Award in Multimedia Content Association of
                 Japan's "Multimedia Grand Prix '97" competition

Jan '98        Shown at the Sundance Film Festival by filmmaker Robert Miller
                 during the panel "Thinking Differently: The Digital
                 Palette and the Independent Filmmaking Community",
                 Park City, UT

Feb '98        Shown in "Le Festival du Dessin Anime", Brussels, Belgium
               Shown on Fuji TV "News 555 The Human", Japanese National

Mar '98        Shown at Conduit '98 film festival, Austin, Texas
               Featured on "Science" TV program, Osaka, Japan
                 Hosted by Dr. Oumura Koichi and Ms. Keiko Kubo

Sep '98        Excerpt shown on Canal+ program "Cyberculture" with
                 Chine Lanzman, also featuring clip from "Rendering
                 with Natural Light"

Paul E. Debevec /