Pictures from the Campanile Movie Production

April 18, 1997: Planning the animated flight path for the film, using a small model of the tower and a camcorder with a fold-out viewfinder screen (left to right: Yizhou Yu, Chris Wright, George Borshukov, and Paul Debevec; photo by Tim Hawkins).

Some of the crew on the upper deck of the Campanile (left to right: Sami Khoury, George Borshukov, Chris Wright, Jason Luros, and Paul Debevec).

A coveted SIGGRAPH 97 Electronic Theater ticket for the Tuesday night screening.

Outside the LA convention center (Tim, Christina, George, Paul).

August 5th: The Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium, about to be beseiged by an excited audience.

Just before the show...
(Christina, George, Tim, Chris)

And right after.
(George, Christina, Paul, Jason, Chris, Tim)

The real-time Campanile Demo premiers at the Silicon Graphics booth on the SIGGRAPH 97 show floor. Welcome to Reality.

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